Simply Blissful Body Care  
Welcome to my site!  I hope you take the time to get to know about me and what I offer.  With over 15 years of professional experience in the healing arts industry, I am qualified to offer an extraordinary massage experience that is a beautiful combination of sensually nurturing, erotically stimulating and therapeutically restorative. 
 You can enjoy the comfort of being under the competent care of a mature, confident,  intelligent and beautiful woman who knows her way around a mans body.  I approach each "body" as a whole person, rather than simply manipulating specific and obvious parts for sexual gratification.  What I offer is of a much higher caliber than what you may typically find in a "body rub" experience.   I am not an "entertainer" but rather, an insightful, sensual woman who will grace every inch of your body with exquisite touch. 

Welcome to Authentic Sensual Massage & Simply Blissful Body Care! Get ready to change all future expectations of sensually indulgent touch therapy! 
See you soon!