~Do you like being reviewed?  

My personal preference and style is one where discretion, privacy and mutual respect are the foundation of a successful practice.  I hope that all clients can honor the concept of mutual respect and simply keep your thoughts to yourself.  It is best to enjoy your time with me and forget about it until we meet again.  

~Why can't I find photos of you?

I don't post many photos because I value my privacy and I am uber careful with what I post on the internet!  Also, I'm not offering my body so I see no reason to advertise it ;)    I've been doing this with great success without ever having photos OR reviews.  That fact speaks for itself.  

~Do you offer off the clock time with clients?  

I appreciate the offers but my time is limited to business, family and friends only.

~Do you offer anything "extra" for long term clients?

No.   I am not wishy-washy with my personal boundaries.  

~How much notice do you need to book an appointment?

If you are a NEW client, I need at least 24 hrs for screening.  If we've met before I can TRY to accommodate same day appointments but ask that you offer as much notice as possible.  If a NEW client has circumstances that make it impossible to give 24 hrs notice then please reach out to me as early in the morning as you can for same day requests. Those that know me know that I have a variety of professional responsibilities making it difficult to switch gears last minute.

~Do you accept credit cards?

For the time being, I accept cash only.  Kindly place your donation in an unsealed envelope in clear view.

*If you have other questions please feel free to include them in the comments field when submitting your screening information.