I work diligently to create an ideal group of clients who understand and appreciate my approach.  Please be sure you understand the following prior to contacting me:

~I am not interested in review board culture or ideals - if you are of this mind- set, we cannot work together.

~I value my privacy and won't entertain requests for photos or physical descriptions.  I offer a quality massage service not a date!

~Rest assured, I am a mature female and am very easy on the eyes- not that that even matters just as your appearance is irrelevant to me
~My studio does not have a shower facility so if at all possible, please shower or at least freshen up before your appointment.  This includes the use of soap and water, not cologne.  After your session, you will not have an oily residue on your skin because I do a thorough job at cleaning you up.  In fact, the process is very pampering.

~I'm not an escort and I'm not interested in what other "FBSM" providers do.  I have found great success in doing things MY way and won't tolerate anyone trying to manipulate my boundaries.

~I operate with a great deal of fairness and integrity and I expect the same from my clients.  If the concept of mutual respect doesn't register with you, kindly move on.

~My rates are non-negotiable as they are more than fair and reasonable.  My rates reflect the top quality experience that I provide and I also  incur regular operating expenses in addition to the time and energy that is spent both before and after each session for preparation and clean up.   If you become a regular client and keep your visits consistent, I may offer a reduced rate.

~I am interested in working with clean, safe and mature minded clientele.  If you are of the "more bang for the buck" mentality or spend time with "questionable" providers, we are definitely not suited to work together.  I work best with